"Afrofit has not only really challenged my cardio endurance, but it also made my muscles burn! I have so much fun working out my entire body while dancing to wonderful African rhythms. Natacha's passion is so contagious it motivates me to execute every move with energy and enthusiasm. Time goes by really fast and my sore muscles the next day makes every experience worth it. Can't wait to see what else the Afrofit family has in store!!!!"

Ivonne Rodríguez

pillars : Awareness, Education & Empowerment!

Amazing workout and cultural experience Sunday evening with Natacha Zamor and Brayo Judah. Exercises from Haitian folk, African Chakacha and Soukous had everyone's legs like jelly, mine included! Their energy and enthusiasm for what they do and teach is nothing short of amazing, with Natacha's delicious food and hospitality making for a perfect evening!

Damien Buck


"I loved my experience withTampaBay Afrofit yesterday. Thanks again Natacha Hope I can do it again soon."

Fedeline Jean

Consistency is the key to training your body to behave the way you want it to.  At Tampa Bay Afrofit we offer options that will make it easier to commit to including a discount for multiple class purchase.  Following pricing only available for TampaBay location. Pre-Order Afrofiters Class Session. Give a gift membership to a friend or to yourself. 

TampabayAfrofit's workshop with Brayo was a great cultural experience. The variety of music and dance rejuvenated my desire for cultural exploration and further my dance journey.

Enrique Estevan Baza

Awesome time learning African Body Movement

I recently attended Afrofit's African Body Movement Bootcamp. I had an awesome time. At first, I felt self conscious, but that feeling went away quickly b/c the atmosphere was super friendly. The class was fun, energetic and challenging. I moved muscles that I did not know Existed. Thanks to Natacha for taking the time to correct my posture....I wish that I lived closer so I could attend Afrofit's classes on a regular basis, but I will be back...

Adeline Vales

Joining TB Afrofit has been one of the best things I've ever done! This is a warm community of people who genuinely care about health and wellness and celebrating African cultural heritage with pride and authenticity. I've taken the Afrofit classes as well as Chakacha and African Body Movement. They have boosted my self-confidence and cultural awareness, not to mention strengthened my body in more ways I can count. People, don't sleep on this awesome movement! Come, join us! You will not be disappointed.

Laketa Entzminger


I've been part of the TampaBay Afrofit tribe for over a year and the experience is just as exhilarating today as on day one! I love continuously learning more about chakacha, soukous, mutuashi, Haitian folk and the beautiful cultures from which they have emerged.  There are so many layers to uncover that you really have to make it part of your lifestyle (as you'll hear  Brayo & Natacha say 😊). Only then will you unlock the true rewards these dances bring.  Working with Natacha and Brayo, has taught me more about how my body works and I've seen how these movements translate to social dance. Beyond these intellectual and physical benefits, I truly value the frienships I've made and the community built through TampaBay Afrofit.  To put it briefly, Arrroooo!


"AfroFit is Spearhead a Move with a Vision. The one thing I am sure about is this will be a legacy in this world and an answer to many. Was a blessing for me to share African Rhymes with you and I miss you guys. You are the best and lovely students. Keep up the great work."

Brayo Judah

"The workshop with Brayo hosted by TampabayAfrofit was so entertaining, educational and hard. It takes a lot to move in a way that is so innate to a dancer such as he is. Hopefully, this is not the last time we will have one of his workshops."

Taina Dominique

"It is a healing within layers of the heart when you invite yourself to another's rejoice and expansion; it is a win-win awarded reward that enlightens the roots of our soul. I am indeed a fan of TampaBay Afrofit and all that it intends for the greater collective as blessings in more ways than one. Thank YOU!"

Frances Rodriguez

"Thank you Natacha Zamor and Brayo Judah for offering this 2 day workshop. Brayo took us on a cultural voyage in the lifestyle associated with Soukous. Yes, barriers & boundaries were challenged. Brayo dug deep in educating us on its roots; why it is danced, when it is danced, how.... it is danced and the advantages of being fit enough... to dance this dance. And there are many interesting advantages!! It demands waistline control and core isolation such that many of us were sore for days. Just like any intense movement, to master, you must build the right muscles groups in order to sustain (and went non-stop for 4hrs) which takes discipline & practice, muscle memory and repetition. A great educational experience. An incredible workout. And an encouraged "LET IT GO" moment. We need more of this! And guys, you all will benefit from this is every way imaginable!!"

Carlita Gudo

Afrofiters Testimonials

Emphasizing full body movements, Tampabay Afrofit class will delight and amaze you again and again with energetic variations paired with some cultural education to allow for full enjoyment of the experience. You will discover muscles you forgot existed.

Tampabay Afrofit

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