What ignited this cultural awareness movement is the fusion of a multitude of influences that bottled up & needed to be shared!  Afrofit is the product of  a passion for body movement and a need to promote, accurately, the vast array of Afrocentric influences in our modern society.  The initial expression is demonstrated in a fusion of cardio workout created from the  blend of Afro-Caribbean rhythm infused with house, R&B, folkloric and hip-hop.   It jump starts your body & get that metabolism going while allowing the  exploration of  new flavors in music & dances. Body movement is enjoyed in a marriage of rhythms that transport you through different countries on a musical voyage! 
On a more practical aspect, Afrofit strongly believes that a body in motion tends to want to remain in motion...  The laws of physics have demonstrated this fact. Afrofit is committed to apply this premise as mush as possible.  The impact on one's health cannot be measured!  This aspect of our mission is one that is rooted in the belief that we are each other's keepers.  We have the tools to take care of ourselves.  Afrofit is here to offer you  one avenue to utilize these tools while having fun!
Emphasizing  full body movements, TampaBay Afrofit class will delight and amaze you again and again with energetic variations paired with some cultural education to allow for full enjoyment of  the experience. You will discover muscles you forgot existed...  Embrace the process and join us in claiming our fitness for a longer, healthier journey!  It is open to all levels of fitness, no dance experience is required! 
Afrofit is a strong believer in supporting small local businesses.  Networking and collaborating are the foundation & building blocks for a more diverse & stronger community.  

Tampabay Afrofit cardio classes are the best way to sweat it out and bank for our health! The sampling is a Pan Afro-Caribbean experience; Trini, Haiti, Nigeria, Congo, Benin, Kenya & Ivory Coast! A surprising endurance test with a song long of Chakacha! Spreading Afrofit love and building an army, one Afrofiter at a time

Afrofit is a labor of love; the expression of an amalgam of  experiences & legacies.  It is the projection of a lifestyle that was, that is & that will be for generations to come.  Afrofit is to be a beacon to remind us that the Afrocentric culture has an important place in humanity and its contribution is endless. 



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Tampabay Afrofit

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