The concept of AfroFit is born of the sheer will to promote the contribution of the Afro-Caribbean culture in our world. In an effort to have a collective consciousness of the importance of the intercultural, and inclusive aspect of Afrofit, understanding the mission is primordial; an optimum state of health & wellness for every individual is a right, not a privilege.  There is a multitude of avenues to obtain this level of wellness; Afrofit is one of them.  What sets us apart from the others, is the Afrocentric influence in the approach.  In addition we also want to shed light on the cultural aspect that influences Afrofit's mission.  This mission rests on 3 load bearing pillars; awareness, education & empowerment.  The primary medium for Afrofit to empower  are sessions of afro cardio classes that marry different genre of music & dance styles to create a wonderful way of expression that allows for the discovery and embrace of diversity in the Afrocentric culture.  In return, with consistency in physical activity & a sensible diet, one can observe the different positive changes in body & mind.  Every hour that is spent with Afrofit, burning calories and banking for our health brings us closer to the mission; an optimum state of health & wellness for all.


Meet Natacha Zamor

Tampabay Afrofit

3 pillars : Awareness, Education & Empowerment!

This journey started in my parents living room… Multiculturalism has always been a standard in my environment. My influences are diverse; born & raised in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) by Canadian-Haitian parents and growing up with an array of different ethnic groups & communities, the world was my everyday.  With this very culturally rich upbringing came a multitude of music and dances that shaped my unique way of expressing myself through dance.    Movement is part of me. I am trained in various types of dances (20 years combined of ballet, jazz & Haitian folklore)  and  extensively trained in one of Kenya's traditional dances, Chakacha, by the world renown choreographer/dancer/instructor Brayo Judah. 

My training in the healthcare field (Bachelor of Science with major in Nursing/ specialized in orthopedic) brings me a unique perspective on the psychological & physical aspects of the human being when motion is encouraged & maintained. 

Last but not least, anyone who knows me can attest that fitness is my other passion! It is part of my natural progression to want to combine all that is positive in my life & share it with as many people as I can; dancing, fitness, investing in health, and doing my part to open the window a little wider on Afrocentric culture. If I can bring awareness, educate & empower one person to pursue their journey & affect others; I’m a happy camper! I am not an island. We are not alone. Let's share each other’s journey to an optimum state of health & wellness!