It has been a known fact for centuries that support systems are beneficial for the individual and the collectivity. It is defined as a network of people who provide an individual with practical or emotional support.  Women are experts at congregating together and creating such systems.  From economical development to exchange of recipes, our health and wellness will be at the center of such group directly or indirectly.  We will chat up a storm, giving advices and recommendations to better one another.  It is much needed!  Our society is geared towards individualism and human interaction is reduced to virtual contact through our devices.  A conversation comprises of a succession of text messages or email trails.  Whatever happened to actual socialization? Exchanges, touches and eye contacts are becoming obsolete.  Following the same trend, physical activity is also suffering of a lack of human interaction! Everything is assisted by a device to validate movement.  The need to dig into ancestral traditions to palliate this deficiency is imperative!  We need an outlet for all of the above!  

Let's go back to basic.  Let's learn to strip the industrial world for a few hours a week, and return to what traditional lifestyles has crafted to ensure mental, emotional and physical health and wellness.  From the simplicity of it all, it will be built with the challenges of fundamentals that have to be reintroduced into our lives.  

I offer you to dive into Chakacha! This Jewel of Mombasa is the quintessential roadmap for women empowerment at every level.  It is a lifestyle that is translated into a dance, guiding you into a journey of rediscovering yourself.  Chakacha is a gift from the East coast of Africa; more precisely the horn (Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania).  It was perfected in the Mombasa region and is believed to be the precursor of many dances that uses pelvic play.  Chakacha offers a wonderful outlet for physical activity as the execution of the dance is much more challenging than portrayed. It addresses the taboo surrounding the very powerful pelvic control that is intrinsically part of women's body mechanics.  The core being solicit in a manor that was intended to, and taught through generations for centuries.  It is also a portal for networking; like minded women having this common thread to build a community of resources and each other.   The benefits are undeniable; short terms with the satisfaction of enriching oneself with cultural knowledge intended to promote wellness, and long term as well with increase endurance, toning of various parts of the body that were forgotten, and overall positive outcome of health.  

Tampabay Afrofit