Tampabay Afrofit

Haitian Folkloric Dancing is one of the richest in the Caribbean.  It inventories over 100 different dances; very specific and with deep significance.  At Se Pa'm Dance Company, we will concentrate on the most familiar ones; Kongo, Nago, Petwo, Ibo, Yanvalou.  The classes are conducted on recorded music,  alternating as well with live drumming.  A well rounded approach has to include the musicality portion in order to understand the different rhythms, their purpose, context and  role in relation with the dances.  It is as important (if not more) than the dance itself. The classes are conducted barefooted.  We recommend confortable gym closes.  Water is provided on location (bring your bottle to refill).  paragraph here.


The Womb Sanctuary
​5606 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL 33604

Recommended attire: Comfortable clothes, gym attire.



  • Peze Kafe (feat. Coralie Herard)3:22