A beautiful token for your spirit...  A moment of counciousness and recognition of the sacred space that is your waist.  It holds the beginning and the end; the Alpha and Omega of humanity.  We must treat it as such!  The adornment of the waist with beads, precious stones, shells or other elements has been around for centuries and with it, has been  attached so much significance, history and power.  The art of beading was passed on as a skill in order to add tools to a woman's arsenal. We will explore this wonderful tradition and attendees will be guided in a session where they will be initiated in the art of hand beading.  The tutorials are held in a wonderful setting, embraced by nature, as the connection is an infinity cycle.  All materials are provided and attendees keep the product of their creativity!  

  • Peze Kafe (feat. Coralie Herard)3:22

Tampabay Afrofit